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When you're looking for the best in industrial drying and granulating equipment, you'll want machines that can process just about any raw material and do so with uniformity and consistency. At Jinling, we are the leading Chinese business in the design and production of drying equipment and our products are well known for their quality, efficiency, and versatility. Since 1999, our tray dryer, curing oven, belt dryer, vibrating fluid bed dryer, spray dryer, paddle dryer, plate dryer, dry granulator, etc. have been widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and agricultural industries. In addition to our line of dryers and granulators, we offer excellent after sales service and a competitive price for our machines. Everything you need for drying, granulating, grinding and vibrating, Jinling can supply. Contact us today to place your order.

Main products
    1. Tray Dryer / Curing Oven

      CT-C model tray dryer is a curing oven which uses steam, electric, gas or oil as a heat source. The advantage of this steam dryer is that most hot air is recycled, increasing heat transmission and saving energy.

    1. Belt Dryer

      DWF belt dryer is a continuous production drying equipment widely used for drying pieces, strips and particles of materials in good ventilation spaces. The belt dryer is suitable for dehydrating fruits and vegetables.

    1. Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer

      ZLG vibrating fluid bed dryer feeds raw material into the dryer from one end and moves the material continuously forward using vibration. The vibration is created by a motor that is stable and convenient to maintain.

    1. Spray Dryer (with Centrifugal Atomizer)

      The final product from the powder dryer has very good uniformity, solubility, fluidity and purity. The production procedures are simple and the operation and control of the chemical equipment are easy.

    1. Vacuum Paddle Dryer

      ZHG vacuum paddle dryer is a horizontal batch dryer manufactured using advanced paddle drying technology. A mixer with a scraper blade continually removes materials from the hot surface and circulates them in the paddle ...

    1. Hot Plate Dryer

      PGC hot plate dryer, wet raw materials are fed continuously to the first hot plate on the top of the dryer. Both small and large drying plates are arranged alternately so that raw material can go through the whole dryer continuously.

    1. Double Shaft Paddle Dryer

      KJG double shaft paddle dryer is a conduction heating and low speed rotating dryer. The thermal efficiency reaches as high as 80%-90%. Heat transfer coefficient K is 100-300Kcai/h.m2 ℃.

    1. Dry Granulator (for Pharmaceutical and Food Industry)

      GZX model has a better granulation rate and is easier to clean. The granulator is closed operation, which prevents contamination from dust.