Tray Dryer

Jinling, as a drying equipment manufacturer in China, designs and manufactures five types of GMP tray dryers based on market demands. This GMP drying machine comes with a single pass drying capacity of 35kg to 480kg. According to the dryer model, the number of drying trolleys and trays varies.

Features of the GMP Tray Dryer
1. The available heating sources are steam, thermal oil, electricity, gas, and oil.
2. Operation temperature ranges from 40-300℃.
3. The temperature can be controlled automatically. Data printer is optional.
4. Inner chamber of this cabinet dryer is fully welded. A circular design is used so there are no dead angles.
5. The GMP tray dryer is built with good sealing.
6. There is a HEPA (high efficiency air filter) at the air inlet vent and a middle efficiency filter at the exhaust vent.
7. Each part of the multifunctional drying machine can be assembled and disassembled quickly in order to clean conveniently.
8. PLC + touch screen is optional.
9. The entire tray drying oven conforms with GMP requirements.

Technical Parameters of the GMP Tray Dryer
Capacity (kg/batch) Power of fan (Kw) Steam consumption (kg/h) Drying trolley (pc) Drying tray (pc) W×D×H (mm) temperature difference between up and low (℃)
GMP-O 35 0.45 8 / 16 1130×1100×1750 ±2
GMP-Ⅰ 120 0.45 18 2 48 2300×1200×2000 ±2
GMP-Ⅱ 240 0.9 36 4 96 2300×2200×2000 ±2
GMP-Ⅲ 360 1.35 54 6 144 2430×2200×2000 ±2
GMP-Ⅳ 480 1.8 72 8 192 4460×2200×2290 ±2
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