Tunnel Dryer

The SMH model tunnel dryer is a continuous or semi-continuous tray dryer. A special trolley design makes it suitable for almost any kind of raw material. With its large loading capacity, the multifunctional drying machine can dry, cool and sterilize material. Our SMH series of sterilization ovens is designed as a joint effort with our team and our clients' feedback.

Features of the SMH Tunnel Dryer
1. Construction is aesthetic and compact with a large capacity.
2. The sterilization oven uses quartz tube radiation heating to continuously sterilize ampoule bottles, cosmetic bottles, and glassware used in the pharmaceutical industry, traditional Chinese medicines etc.
3. It functions as a continuous tray dryer or semi-continuous tray dryer.
4. Different materials, heating methods, configurations, and control systems are available for the tunnel dryer per your requirements.

Technical Parameters of the SMH Tunnel Dryer
Model Heating power (kw) Scope of temperature (℃) Overall size (mm) Size of working chamber (mm) Driving speed (m/s) Power of motor (kw)
SMH-3 10-20 room temperature~250 980×1200×3940 480×200×3000 0.1~1.0 0.75
SMH-6 25-35 room temperature~350 980×1310×6940 480×300×6000 0.1~1.0 1.1
SMH-9 30-40 room temperature~400 980×1310×9940 480×320×9000 0.1~1.0 1.1
SMH-12 40-50 room temperature~400 980×1310×12940 480×320×12000 0.2~2.0 1.5
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