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Cabinet Dryer

Jinling's cabinet dryers come in a variety of types such as the tray dryer, belt dryer and tunnel dryer. These drying machines are manufactured in accordance with international standards and have a high thermal efficiency.

    1. Tray Dryer / Curing Oven

      CT-C model tray dryer is a curing oven which uses steam, electric, gas or oil as a heat source. The advantage of this steam dryer is that most hot air is recycled, increasing heat transmission and saving energy.

    1. Tray Dryer

      GMP drying machine comes with a single pass drying capacity of 35kg to 480kg. The available heating sources are steam, thermal oil, electricity, gas, and oil. Operation temperature ranges from 40-300℃.

    1. Belt Dryer

      DWF belt dryer is a continuous production drying equipment widely used for drying pieces, strips and particles of materials in good ventilation spaces. The belt dryer is suitable for dehydrating fruits and vegetables.

    1. Multilayer Belt Dryer

      DW belt dryer is a multilayer dryer which usually has two to five belt layers in which the raw material is fed from the top belt, circulating layer by layer through the walnut dryer until the dried products are finally discharged from the bottom belt layer.

    1. Tunnel Dryer

      SMH model tunnel dryer is a continuous or semi-continuous tray dryer. A special trolley design makes it suitable for almost any kind of raw material. With its large loading capacity, the multifunctional drying machine can dry, cool and sterilize material.