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Spray Dryer and Spray Cooler

Jinling offers a range of spray dryers and spray coolers. Our spray drying machines use vacuum dryers to ensure an excellent drying effect and high production efficiency.

    1. Spray Dryer (with Centrifugal Atomizer)

      The final product from the powder dryer has very good uniformity, solubility, fluidity and purity. The production procedures are simple and the operation and control of the chemical equipment are easy.

    1. Spray Dryer (with High Pressure Pump)

      YPG's spray dryer with a high pressure pump sprays raw material in liquid or paste form as a fine mist. When the mist comes into contact with hot air, it dries into small granules. The final product is collected from the base of the pelletizer's tower and cyclone separator.

    1. Spray Dryer (for Sticky Material)

      ZPG model spray dryer for sticky material is specially designed for raw material which clings to the inside chamber and has a low melting point. The liquid dryer can process liquid raw materials such as vegetable extract, juices or other liquids with a high sugar content.

    1. Spray Cooler

      YPL spray cooler for processing a range of food and chemical products. The spray cooler's feeding system is well-insulated to keep solidification from occurring too soon. The air chiller is an optional feature depending on the specific raw material being processed and the work environment.