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Vacuum Dryer

Jinling supplies a wide selection of vacuum dryers such as the vacuum tray dryer, rotary vacuum dryer, conical screw vacuum dryer, agitated vacuum pan dryer, vacuum paddle dryer, vacuum plate dryer and versatile vacuum dryer. These vacuum drying machines have great drying performances and enable a high production efficiency in your workplace.

    1. Vacuum Tray Dryer

      YZG / FZG vacuum tray dryer uses a vacuum pump to suck out most of the air and evaporate moisture. Using hot water, steam or thermal oil as a heat source, the raw material dried in a vacuum environment.

    1. Rotary Vacuum Dryer

      SZG model rotary vacuum dryer is a double conical vacuum dryer. In a vacuum environment, the grain dryer jacket is filled with the heat source and the raw material is dried when it comes into contact with the dryer chamber. Evaporated moisture is sucked out by a vacuum pump.

    1. Conical Screw Vacuum Dryer

      Conical screw vacuum dryer using a vacuum drying machine jacket for heating reduces energy consumption The structure of the cooling equipment is simple, easy to clean, and conveniently dispenses the final product, meeting GMP standards.

    1. Agitated Vacuum Pan Dryer

      Agitated vacuum pan dryer structure of the vacuum drying system is very compact and convenient to clean, and it takes up little space. The vertical dryer can dry or cool raw material that is in paste form.

    1. Vacuum Paddle Dryer

      ZHG vacuum paddle dryer is a horizontal batch dryer manufactured using advanced paddle drying technology. A mixer with a scraper blade continually removes materials from the hot surface and circulates them in the paddle ...

    1. Versatile Vacuum Dryer (for Washing, Filtering and Drying)

      HZLG versatile vacuum dryer uses a double conical drying chamber for washing, filtering, and drying the material and finally dispensing the end product. A jacket can be filled with steam or hot water for heating. The chamber is fixed on the frame by a main shaft.

    1. Vacuum Paddle Dryer (with Two Hollow Shafts)

      ZKJG vacuum paddle dryer is a hollow screw dryer with a jacket on the body of the dryer and a hollow paddle strongly welded to two hollow shafts. The heating source can be hot water, steam or thermal oil, which fills the hollow shafts to heat and dry the raw material as well drive them forward through the vacuum drying system.

    1. Vacuum Hot Plate Dryer

      PGZ vacuum hot plate dryer, its boiling point drops and a rake continuously turns the material over, increasing the drying rate as moisture is drawn out by a vacuum pump. This vacuum drying equipment is mainly used for drying heat sensitive material, toxic material and material.