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Indirect Heating Dryer

Jinling offers a wide selection of indirect heating dryers including plate dryers, paddle dryers and drum dryers. These drying machine can all achieve approximate 90% thermal efficiency. They are widely used in the medical, farming and agricultural, chemical, medicine, food, fodder and other industries.

    1. Hot Plate Dryer

      PGC hot plate dryer, wet raw materials are fed continuously to the first hot plate on the top of the dryer. Both small and large drying plates are arranged alternately so that raw material can go through the whole dryer continuously.

    1. Double Shaft Paddle Dryer

      KJG double shaft paddle dryer is a conduction heating and low speed rotating dryer. The thermal efficiency reaches as high as 80%-90%. Heat transfer coefficient K is 100-300Kcai/h.m2 ℃.

    1. Drum Dryer

      GT model rotary drum dryer is an indirect heating dryer in continuous production. Raw material is fed into the top or bottom of the drum and sticks to the side. Steam or thermal oil fills the inside of the drum, which then transfers heat to dry the raw material.