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Drying Equipment

As a major manufacturer of drying equipment in China, Jinling provides a broad range of industrial dryers for use in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental care, agricultural and animal feed industries, including cabinet dryers, tunnel dryers, pneumatic dryers, vibrating fluid bed dryers, rotary drum dryers, spray dryers, spray coolers, and vacuum dyers. These drying machines feature outstanding drying performance and high production efficiency. Contact us for further details.

    1. Cabinet Dryer

      Jinling's cabinet dryers come in a variety of types such as the tray dryer, belt dryer and tunnel dryer. These drying machines are manufactured in accordance with international standards and have a high thermal efficiency.

    1. Pneumatic Dryer

      Jinling's pneumatic drying machines meet the requirements for use in a number of different projects. With advanced drying technology, our models of pneumatic dryers include fluidized bed dryers, vibrating fluid bed dryers, vibrating dryers, flash dryers, and rotary drum dryers.

    1. Spray Dryer and Spray Cooler

      Jinling offers a range of spray dryers and spray coolers. Our spray drying machines use vacuum dryers to ensure an excellent drying effect and high production efficiency.

    1. Vacuum Dryer

      Jinling supplies a wide selection of vacuum dryers such as the vacuum tray dryer, rotary vacuum dryer, conical screw vacuum dryer, agitated vacuum pan dryer, vacuum paddle dryer, vacuum plate dryer and versatile vacuum dryer.

    1. Indirect Heating Dryer

      Jinling offers a wide selection of indirect heating dryers including plate dryers, paddle dryers and drum dryers. These drying machine can all achieve approximate 90% thermal efficiency. They are widely used in the medical, farming and agricultural, chemical, medicine, food, fodder and other industries.