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 Dry Granulator (for Pharmaceutical and Food Industry)

The GZX model of dry granulators is developed using Germany technology. Compared to traditional dry granulators, the GZX model has a better granulation rate and is easier to clean.This roller compaction granulator is specially designed for the pharmaceutical and food industry, meeting GMP standards.

Features of the GZX Dry Granulator
1. Vertical feeding instead of conventional horizontal feeding.
2. Screw feeder feeds the raw material into rollers.
3. Rollers are easy to dissemble and clean.
4. Vertical layout of two rollers prevents raw material from falling.
5. Two levels of a sifting system increases granulation rate.
6. The granulator is closed operation, which prevents contamination from dust.
7. PLC and touch screen are optional.

Technical Parameters of the GZX Dry Granulator

Model GZX100 GZX120 GZX150 GZX180
Width of roller (mm) 100 120 150 180
Effective width of roller (mm) 90 110 140 170
Diameter of roller (mm) 229 239 249 259
Max pressure of roller/width of roller 21.3kn/cm 21.3kn/cm 21.3kn/cm 21.3kn/cm
Thickness of pressed flake (mm) 1-4 1-4 1-4 1-4
Capacity (Kg/h) 80-180 130-200 180-250 230-300
Granule size adjustable adjustable adjustable adjustable
Productivity 65%-75% 65%-75% 65%-75% 65%-75%
Rotating speed of roller adjustable adjustable adjustable adjustable
Installation power (kw) 15 18 22 28
Weight (T) 2 2.5 3 4
Overall size (mm) (L*W*H) 2100*1500*1800 2100*1500*1800 2100*1500*1800 2100*1500*1800
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