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Fluid Bed Processor

Jinling offers four types of fluid bed processor for different applications. For example, the FLP multifunctional fluid bed granulator can produce porous instant granules. The DPL fluid bed coater can make pills, granules and powder coated products. The QXL fluid bed processor is widely used for powder granulation and the production of granules, pills, and a powder film.

    1. FL Fluid Bed Granulator

      FL fluid bed granulator, powder is brought to a boiling point within the fluid bed, heated and mixed by filtered hot air. Then a spray binder in the fluid bed granulator makes the dry powder agglomerate into granules. Hot air evaporates moisture in the granule and the binder is solidified.

    1. QXL Fluid Bed Granulator

      QXL model of turbojet fluid bed granulator has a vane-shaped structure in the bottom hopper, which is set at an incline so that when air passes through, air flows in a swirl. Meanwhile, a binder sprayed into the hopper through a nozzle helps the powdered raw material to gradually shape into round granules.

    1. Fluid Bed Coater

      DPL fluid bed coater is a new style of coating equipment that combines fluid-bed spraying technology and coating technology. This granule coater is widely used to apply film slow and controlled release coating for capsules, pellets, granules, and powder.