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Other Granulators

Apart from dry granulators and fluid bed granulators, we also offer wet granulators and granulating machines with extruding screens. These granulation machines and coaters each comply with GMP standards and can be used to process granules with a diameter range of 1-3mm. In addition, several safety precautions are included to protect the users.

    1. High Shear Granulator / Wet Granulator

      GHL wet granulator is a high shear granulator that stirs powdered raw material with a binder in the granulating machine's barrel until it is wet and soft. Then the wet granules are cut uniformly using a cutting blade.

    1. Granulating Machine (with Extruding Screen)

      XL granulating machine has a simple, compact structure with a large production capacity. The granulation rate for wet material is very high, making the chemical machinery suitable for use in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and powdered drink industries.