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Granulation and Coating Machine

As a major manufacturer of granulators and coating machines in China, Jinling's products are all certified by CE, ISO14001:2004 and ISO9001:2000. We provide a wide range of equipment to meet different needs. Here you'll find dry granulators, fluid bed granulators, coating machines, and wet granulators. Because they are easy to operate and maintain, have high efficiency, and run stably, these granulators and coaters have been widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural, and food industries among such customers as BASF, Unilevr, Sinopec, CNOOC, and Ciba in more than 30 countries.

    1. Dry Granulator (Roller Compaction)We supply a wide range of roller compaction dry granulators, including 80-300kg/h dry granulators for the pharmaceutical and food industries as well as 125-3700kg/h dry granulators for the chemical and agricultural industries. These dry granulation machines produce granules uniform in size and length.
    1. Fluid Bed Processor

      The DPL fluid bed coater can make pills, granules and powder coated products. The QXL fluid bed processor is widely used for powder granulation and the production of granules, pills, and a powder film.

    1. Other Granulators

      Granulation machines and coaters each comply with GMP standards and can be used to process granules with a diameter range of 1-3mm. In addition, several safety precautions are included to protect the users.