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Industrial Mixer and Blender

We offer a diverse range of industrial mixers and industrial blenders including vertical mixers, ribbon blenders, conical screw mixers, twin shaft paddle mixers and tumble blenders. With a variety of processing features, these mixing and blending machines can meet the specific needs of customers.

    1. Vertical Mixer

      ZGH model vertical mixer is a batch production mixer, processing batches in only 3-5 minutes. An agitator and disperser inside the vertical mixer's chamber makes mixing fast and uniform.

    1. Ribbon Blender

      CH ribbon mixer is widely used for mixing powder, wet raw materials, or materials in cake form, and can make the consistency of different raw materials uniform. The two ends of the chemical mixer's shafts are well sealed, preventing leaking.

    1. Conical Screw Mixer

      DSH conical screw mixer is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and animal feed industries. The main shaft rotates in one direction while the two screws rotate in the opposite direction, forcing the raw material to blend completely inside the chamber of the multifunctional mixing unit.

    1. Continuous Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer

      SLG double paddle mixer adopts continuous production. There are two paddles in the continuous mixer that rotate while mixing so material is uniform and consistent in texture. This food mixing machine can process both solid and liquid material together.

    1. Tumble Blender (Three-Dimensional Motion Mixer)

      SYH tumble blender is a 3D motion mixer with a barrel body that rotates and moves in multiple directions, driven by a driving shaft for thorough mixing. The barrel, connected by a curve, has a fine polish treatment.

    1. Tumble Blender (Two-Dimensional Motion Mixer)

      EYH tumble blender is a 2D motion mixer with a rotating cylinder that moves in two directions at the same time, rotating the drum and swinging it back and forth from an overhead rack. As a result, this powder mixing equipment mixes materials fully in a short time.