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Industrial Grinder and Mill

Browse Jinjing's products to find industrial grinders and industrial mills for grinding brittle materials, heat sensitive materials or hard materials. Our grinding solutions include universal industrial grinder, grinder for fiber grinding and fine grinder.

    1. Industrial Grinder

      B model industrial grinder has a compact structure and reliable operation. The mesh size of the ground product is adjustable by replacing the screen with different sizes. A bag filter is optional and will help maintain a good working environment.

    1. Industrial Grinder for Fiber Grinding

      WFS industrial grinder for fiber grinding adopts a sharp blade on one side and four stroke blades on another so materials are finely ground. The rotary blades of this high speed grinding miller can be switched in and out to process various shapes and sizes of materials.

    1. Fine Grinder

      WFJ fine grinder consists of three parts: the main machine body, auxiliary machine and electric control. This multifunctional grinder can crush many raw materials such as chemicals, foodstuff, medicines, cosmetics, dyes, resins, shells, etc.