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Industrial Sifter and Screener

Our industrial sifters and screeners work for a variety of applications depending on the needs of your production line. Choose between our high quality round vibrating sifters and square vibrating screeners.

    1. Round Sifter / Round Vibrating Screener

      ZS round sifter is a round vibrating screener ideal for line production of continuously sieving granules of uneven size. This multifunctional vibrating screener consists of a high quality hopper, vibration chamber, coupler, motor, eccentric wheel, rubber cushion, principal axis, and bearings.

    1. Vibrating Screener

      FS vibrating screener is our newly developed square sieve that comes in two models: single shock and dual shock. It is widely used for sieving raw material continuously in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and foodstuff industries.