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Sludge Paddle Dryer

Brief Introduction
Sludge paddle dryer is drying by heat contacting. There are three types of paddle, round plate type, wedge type and hollow screw type. It has two shafts or four shafts structure.
The two-shaft paddle dryer is designed with 200 square meter heating area, the four-shaft dryer is designed with 400 square meter heating area.
Heating resource could be hot water, steam or thermal oil. Temperature of heating medium is available ranges from 60-320℃.
Sludge dryer is very compact with less heat loss.

KJG double paddle dryer is a kind of indirect heated dryer. The jacket is installed on the body of dryer, hollow paddle is strongly welded on two hollow shafts. The filling heating medium is hot water, steam or thermal oil. Wet raw material is heated, dried as well as driven forward by two shafts.

1. Drying efficiency reaches 80%-90%. Heat transfer coefficient K is 100-300Kcai/h.m2℃. Evaporation capacity is 10-30Kcai/h.m2.
2. The sludge paddle dryer supports continuous operation and batch operation, also supports vacuum drying for thermal sensitive material and normal drying, as well as supports heating, evaporating and cooling.
3. Thermal oil, steam, hot water and chilling fluid are available to be used as heating or cooling resource.
4. Special structure of paddle has large heating area.
5. Structure of sludge dryer is very compact, the whole dryer could be transported by normal container.
6. We have developed high vacuum paddle dryer which is suitable for hazardous waste or the waste need to recover solvent. We own the patent of high vacuum paddle dryer.

Innovation Technology and Reforming Design
1. Combined with advanced foreign technology, our company has developed new two-shaft and four-shaft structure paddle dryers.
2. The sludge paddle dryer adopts one bearing seat in whole piece, cooling device is available for choice.
3. Drying chamber, bearing and shaft are available for heat expansion. The dryer is designed with frame which could prevent deforming during transport and lift.
4. Whole paddle dryer body is strengthened, which could have a longer service life.
5. The plate paddle adopts integral welding technology which has better strength. Quantity and form of scraper on paddle will be designed according to the feature of raw material.
6. Overall size of sludge drying equipment is very compact, a single unit (with two shaft) is designed with max. 250 square meter heating area.
7. The sludge dryer is driven by direct coupling, which is more stable. Direct coupling could prevent swaying or loosing problem caused by chain driving.
8. Special installation process makes our dryer has better shaft concentricity, sealing on two ends are better.
9. Both semicircular pipe jacket or whole body jacket is available.
10. Different discharging method can be used according to the features of different raw material. Necessary drying retention time could be guaranteed.
11. Special design for preventing raw material blocking up during feeding.

Safety Method (Optional)
1. Explosion release: Two sets of explosion valve on each dryer.
2. Exhausting system: Exhausting through two vacuum pumps, each pump has larger capacity than evaporation amount. Commonly, there is only one pump working, but when pressure sensor tests the inner pressure which is larger than setting value, the second pump will start to work, and it will stop after pressure drops.
3. Oxygen content control: Because the sludge paddle dryer is in continuous production and it works under negative pressure, the oxygen will enter the dryer through discharging port and sealing part. When sensor tests that oxygen content is higher than setting value, nitrogen will be filled into dryer through valves. And the valve closed after oxygen content dropping under control.
4. The sludge drying equipment adopts special sealing method for sludge with dangerous solvent. Special seal could reduce air leaking and create better sealing condition.
5. Safety control of drying temperature: Adopts steam proportional control valve to ensure more accurate temperature control.
6. Water spraying system: When material has explosive or flammable vapor, our sludge paddle dryer should be equipped with the water spraying pipe. When temperature sensor tests the inner temperature which is higher than alarming value, the water spraying system will start to work.
7. Adopts explosion proof gauge and electrical components.

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