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Rotary Kiln / Rotary Dryer

Drying Process of Sludge Rotary Kiln
Wet sludge (20-40% solid content) was dispersed inside the rotary kiln, and contact with (waste) hot air. Moisture will be evaporated very fast, small particle sludge will be dried and collected by collection system, sludge in large particle has longer drying retention time. Tail air will be discharged into atmosphere after being processed.

Manufacturing Site
Wet raw material is fed into dryer by screw feeder, and it will be distributed by rising board inside. Dispersed raw material has larger surface, it could fully contact with hot air and obtain higher drying efficiency. Rising board form is adjustable depends on different raw material. Kiln rotating speed is adjustable.
Rotary kiln dryer has simple structure, which makes its long life span.

Technical Innovation
1. Adopts different disperser and lifter on different part of kiln dryer based on drying condition of sludge.
2. Special sealing is used to obtain better effect and longer life span.
3. The cooling device of bearing, which lengthen it’s life span.
4. Indirect heating rotary dryer is available as an option.
5. Different disperser and feeding method are used based on different features of sludge.

Safety Method
1. Because of the high temperature drying, there will be more dust at discharge end and there’s risk of dust explosion. The dryer equipped explosion release valve on discharge end.
2. We will do some drying test before design, if heated sludge is very sticky and adhere to inner chamber, then rotary dryer is not available to use.
3. There’s disperser device inside the chamber, it could break sludge, make sludge moving smoothly.

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