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Sludge Belt Dryer

Sludge belt dryer is designed and manufactured by our company aiming at the character of sludge, such as: high moisture content, sticky, high moisture evaporation, small size and small specific gravity. It can achieve continuous drying of high water content sludge, and finish drying at one time. We adopt extruder for solving the problem of granulating, it could distribute raw material on belt uniformly after extruding, so that add drying efficiency. Use second grade tail air circulation solve the problem of dust as well as saving energy.
Tail air will be processed by incineration or condensing and chemical formula.

1. Sludge belt dryer is high efficient, it is available to adopt circulation how air.
2. Continuous production, simple operated and low cost.
3. The belt dryer is available for automatic operation.
4. Sludge thickness, conveying speed and drying temperature are adjustable.
5. Low operation cost and high efficiency, it is suitable for drying sludge which final moisture content requirement less than 20%.
6. The quantity and type of drying section could be specially designed according to the feature of sludge.

Technical Innovation
1. Equipped with sludge extruder, sludge granule size could be adjusted.
2. Different types of belt conveyor is available in operation.
3. The sludge dryer adopts large air volume and uniform air pressure, which could promise drying strength and uniformity.

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