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Sludge Drying Equipment

    1. Sludge Paddle DryerSludge paddle dryer is drying by heat contacting. There are three types of paddle, round plate type, wedge type and hollow screw type. It has two shafts or four shafts structure.
    1. Rotary Kiln / Rotary DryerWet sludge (20-40% solid content) was dispersed inside the rotary kiln, and contact with (waste) hot air. Moisture will be evaporated very fast, small particle sludge will be dried and collected by collection system, sludge in large particle has longer drying retention time.
    1. Sludge Belt DryerSludge belt dryer is designed and manufactured by our company aiming at the character of sludge, such as: high moisture content, sticky, high moisture evaporation, small size and small specific gravity. It can achieve continuous drying of high water content sludge, and finish drying at one time.