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    1. Cabinet Dryer

      Jinling's cabinet dryers come in a variety of types such as the tray dryer, belt dryer and tunnel dryer. These drying machines are manufactured in accordance with international standards and have a high thermal efficiency.

    1. Pneumatic Dryer

      Jinling's pneumatic drying machines meet the requirements for use in a number of different projects. With advanced drying technology, our models of pneumatic dryers include fluidized bed dryers, vibrating fluid bed dryers, vibrating dryers, flash dryers, and rotary drum dryers.

    1. Spray Dryer and Spray Cooler

      Jinling offers a range of spray dryers and spray coolers. Our spray drying machines use vacuum dryers to ensure an excellent drying effect and high production efficiency.

    1. Vacuum Dryer

      Jinling supplies a wide selection of vacuum dryers such as the vacuum tray dryer, rotary vacuum dryer, conical screw vacuum dryer, agitated vacuum pan dryer, vacuum paddle dryer, vacuum plate dryer and versatile vacuum dryer.

    1. Indirect Heating Dryer

      Jinling offers a wide selection of indirect heating dryers including plate dryers, paddle dryers and drum dryers. These drying machine can all achieve approximate 90% thermal efficiency. They are widely used in the medical, farming and agricultural, chemical, medicine, food, fodder and other industries.

    1. Dry Granulator (Roller Compaction)We supply a wide range of roller compaction dry granulators, including 80-300kg/h dry granulators for the pharmaceutical and food industries as well as 125-3700kg/h dry granulators for the chemical and agricultural industries. These dry granulation machines produce granules uniform in size and length.
    1. Fluid Bed Processor

      The DPL fluid bed coater can make pills, granules and powder coated products. The QXL fluid bed processor is widely used for powder granulation and the production of granules, pills, and a powder film.

    1. Other Granulators

      Granulation machines and coaters each comply with GMP standards and can be used to process granules with a diameter range of 1-3mm. In addition, several safety precautions are included to protect the users.

    1. Heat Transfer Equipment / Heat Exchanger

      Jinling provides a comprehensive range of heat transfer equipment including gas fired hot air generators, oil fired hot air generators, and waste incinerators. These industrial heat exchangers offer a powerful heat source for your production line.

    1. Industrial Mixer and Blender

      Industrial mixers and industrial blenders including vertical mixers, ribbon blenders, conical screw mixers, twin shaft paddle mixers and tumble blenders. With a variety of processing features, these mixing and blending machines can meet the specific needs of customers.

    1. Industrial Grinder and Mill

      Browse Jinjing's products to find industrial grinders and industrial mills for grinding brittle materials, heat sensitive materials or hard materials. Our grinding solutions include universal industrial grinder, grinder for fiber grinding and fine grinder.

    1. Industrial Sifter and Screener

      Our industrial sifters and screeners work for a variety of applications depending on the needs of your production line. Choose between our high quality round vibrating sifters and square vibrating screeners.

    1. Sludge Paddle DryerSludge paddle dryer is drying by heat contacting. There are three types of paddle, round plate type, wedge type and hollow screw type. It has two shafts or four shafts structure.
    1. Rotary Kiln / Rotary DryerWet sludge (20-40% solid content) was dispersed inside the rotary kiln, and contact with (waste) hot air. Moisture will be evaporated very fast, small particle sludge will be dried and collected by collection system, sludge in large particle has longer drying retention time.
    1. Sludge Belt DryerSludge belt dryer is designed and manufactured by our company aiming at the character of sludge, such as: high moisture content, sticky, high moisture evaporation, small size and small specific gravity. It can achieve continuous drying of high water content sludge, and finish drying at one time.