Jiangsu Jinling Drying Technology Co., Ltd.

Sanhekou Industry Park, Zhenglu Town, Wujin District, Changzhou City,
Jiangsu Province, China

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Service Detail

Before Sales Services
Before you purchase any of our dryers, granulators, industrial boilers, or grinders, consult with our sales representatives for advice on selecting the right model that fits your technical specifications. We'll provide a material analysis, floor plan, basic blueprint, and price quotation for your order of drying equipment.

  • China's largest and most comprehensive dryer and granulator test center.
    Test any of our dryer products for free.
  • Product test center

Services During Sales
Once you've confirmed your order, we will process each item according to ISO9001:2008 standards in manufacturing. We'll keep you updated on the production of your order and guarantee that the quality of our workmanship and technology meet the requirements of the project. We'll also let you know the following information:
(1) A report on the production process every 15days.
(2) Tracking information during the manufacturing and shipping period.
(3) Photo of wooden packaging case with standard shipping marks.
(4) Photo of freight loading.
(5) A detailed delivery list and freight loading list.
(6) Your shipment's serial number for each wooden case.

After Sales Services
Once you've received your shipment, we'll provide technical support for installing the drying machinery onsite and training your employees to use the equipment. We offer maintenance, repair, and replacement of spare parts for one year. We will also contact you once a month to check on the working condition of your purchase and resolve any questions or issues within 3 days.